Lookup From Vendor Card to New Table Not Working

Hi Forum, this problem is got me totally confused. My Client wanted a new field added to the Vendor card in version 4.0 SP2 so I created a new table (50009) and form (50009) and added the field to the Vendor Card and Form and all was working well. Unfortunately, my new Table and Form got overwritten by another Developer (Careless) so I created yet another table (50010) and another new form (50010) deleted the field from the Vendor Table and Vendor Form, readded it to both and now, the lookup nolonger works. I press the up arrow but it does nothing. Its not the property of the new field on the Vendor table as it has a tablerelation that points to table 50010. I am confused so can anyone shed any light as to why. Thanks

Have you also changed LookupFormID ?

In table 50010 go to properties and set lookup and drill down form IDs to 50010

Ooops what an idiot, thanks guys. Paul

It’s a common thing to overlook. [;)]

Thanks David, you’re too kind

Seriously, I still forget [:$]