LookUp field Filteration

i have one textBox and LookUp field…When i Press the value in the TextBox that value will passed to the lookup field based on the value of text Box the lookUp field get filtered…

Please explain what you mean by “lookup field”. Is it a table with a reference to another table, so you get some default lookup, but you want to filter the lookup.

As I already tried to explained to you in another thread, trying to pass a value to the lookup() method doesn’t make sense. What you want to do it override lookup() method and read the value of the TextBox there (and add it as a range to the query used by the lookup. You can’t send anything to lookup() when you change the text value, because it’s a method and it will be executed later by AX kernel when a users decided to open the lookup.

By the way, why did you abandon the other thread and created a new one about the same thing? Please don’t do that - it’s polluting the forum and we have to discuss the same things again, which is a waste of time.

Also, let me remind you that I asked you to provide better tags. Don’t use Axapta - it’s not even the name of Dynamics AX for many years. Instead, use a tag for your specific version. And than add tags related to your question, such as lookup. Thank you.