Lookup Customization

Hi Friend

I have a Challenge in doing lookup customization.Please help me out.

We have Subjects Form with SubjectId and Subject description as Fields.We Also have Student Form in which Student Id and SubjectId as Fields.Now Here our Requirement is we need to get lookup from Subjects Form for SubjectId in Student Form and here if we are entering the SubjectId in Student Form which is not there in Subjects Form then it should take that SubjectId and Same should be created in Subject Form also.

Here just we gave Relation to SubjectId in Students Table with SubjectsId in Subjects Table.By this we can get lookup but it is not taking values which are not there in Subjects Form.Please Help me out in doing this.

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Hi Chinna,

It seems that you have given EDT for subjectid. If so, u cant fil the subject id values which are not available in subject table. What you should do is, you remove the EDT for that field, and write insert coding to insert the subject id in subject table when entering the same in student form.



So what you can do is, insert the records if they does not exists in the table - before system performs a validation…(try by overriding the validateField method)

Hi Kranthi

Can u Please help me out in describing the Solution in Brief with Coding.