Lookup all forms using a specific table

Is there a way to find all forms in AOT which use a specific table?



select the table on which you want form this job right click and select addin there when you select reffernce you select used by this will list all the places where this form s being used.

I have already tried that and it only shows me things within my table, not where I use it. I have updated all the references and such stuff and still get only the entrails of the table not forms in which the table is used.

Do I do something wrong?


i should work… i don’t know wats the problem but if you can tell me the table name (if its not the one created by you) i can have a look at it.

Let’s say I have AddressZipCode table. I do following actions:

RM->Add-Ins->Cross-Reference->Used By

And get this:

How it possible in version 4. pl. suggest steps.