Looking to buy/rent time in an AX Environment for Practice

I am taking several Dynamics AX Financials eLearning courses. I am looking to buy or rent time in a Dynamics environment so I can practice the exercises in the eLearning material. Microsoft’s eLearning training courses don’t give much software to pratice the configuration exercises that the courses explain. So far, a lot of the training material is mostly lecture. How can I really learn this if I can’t practice it? Amazon.com’s cloud service rents out an SAP HANA environment for people to play with. It’s basically a sandbox. Does anyone do this for Dynamics AX 2012?

Did you find anything on this? I might be interested as well.


I can provide environment for practice purpose. Drop a mail to anandsri12@gmail.com for cost related information.


Are you still looking at a solution for this?

If so, we would be glad to help on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 practice space. Please get in touch with us at the email info@felixacademy.com.

On behalf of Felix Academy

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I have created my own Hyper-V - VPC and setup AX 2009 SP1 RU8 with the localization layer. What remains now is only to load the demo data for CEU and regional demot data. Will try to do that next week.

I have my private AX 2009 environment now :smiley:

Where did you find DAX 2009 and demo data? maybe you can share a tutorial how to install at home computer? :slight_smile:

Set up a Windows Azure account and build out what you need.

I mean “Microsoft Azure” (recent name change)

It is located on Microsoft PartnerSource.