Looking for your opinion, 1 site many warehouses or many sites ? AX 2012

We have many plants scatered within 20 miles of each other. We are looking for how to proceed testing a system set up, 1 site or many ?

What are the pros and cons people can see or think of and let me know.

I understand maybe no one right answer, but your opinions could help guide us to avoid problems and save time.

Thank you in advance for any help

We went with a two site approach, for our US-based operations. There are several warehouses within 5-10 miles that we setup in one site. We use the standard costing model, so this made sense that the standard cost for us at our central site would be the same for those various warehouses within.

For our coastal site, the standard costs are somewhat different, so we made that a separate site.

Regardless, you can still perform transfers whether it is between warehouses within a site or between sites. Also, for separate sites you can specify a refilling warehouse from another site, so it is quite flexible.

The two site approach fit our business best.

Do finance need to report on the individual sites?

Good question, as finance says they can’t get the detailed reports from warehouse they need sites. Manufacturing says the need the warehouses because it gives the more flexability manufacturing between them as many share simialar work, and inventory. Some routes move wip items between warehouses to complete. Procurement doesn’t want to purchase a item for one warehouse if its sitting and avalible in another.

The business needs to sit down and assess all requirements for the business overall - you cannot please all departments but the overriding consideration is for the business as a whole. I would guess the finance reporting issue is dimensions, but you need to clarify what they cannot get - how do they know this at this stage of teh AX project? Get manufacturing to define the flexibility required and why they need warehouses (this in itself can be a more involved setup for them). Moving of WIP between warehouses is not possible, but it depends upon the actual definition. Then procurement need to purchase it where it is needed, the system cannot magically say move it from one warehouse to another without a rule or instruction being put in place, but again this is business process. With decisions like this you need all stakeholders present and for a decision to be reached for the good of the business overall.