Looking for WebShop for NAV

Dear all,

As the topic suggests, I’d like to call for suggestions / proposals for WebShop solution for Dynamics NAV. I’ve been looking through all the NAV solution sorces known to me un fortunately I must admit they are all outdated or incomplete. Can it realy be so that there is nobody having a solution and willing to sell it?

My interest is two-fold. (1) I’m looking for immediate solution to complement a current project and (2) for permamnent partnership for SaaS-based NAV+WebShop solutions hosted by my company.
We sell SaaS-based Dynamics solutions and would be interested in complementing our portfolio with WebShop. Other Add-On solutions are welcome as well but WebShop is of primary interest.

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I have come across Nav-to-Net (from Digital Vantage Point) which is certified for Nav. The thing I like about Nav-to-Net is that the web page content is managed in Nav itself. Also ExpandIT have a solution in this space.

Hi Didsiz,

Did you find a solution that suited you? If so it would be great if you share it here.

If NAV is running on SQL and you connect an anonymous website to it, then you need to be running SQL on processor licensing. Just something you want to be aware of as you plan your solution. This requirement is there whether or not the connection is direct or thru a middle-tier. This is not a NAV licensing requirement. It is a SQL requirement and would apply to any MS SQL system.

can you provide a link to the proposed solutions? Making it easier than just to google.

Hi Thomas,

Here you go:

Nav-to-Net : http://www.dvp.net/NAVToNetCertifiedforDynamics/tabid/73/Default.aspx

Expandit: www.expandit.com

Dear All,

We have created a Zend Framework MVC and MySQL based webportal and webshop solution, called MBPORTAL Dynamic Portalsystem. This is a PHP-based solution, which is able to run on a Debian Linux environment with Apache webserver and MySQL database server, so no need for MS-SQL and Windows Server in case of our webshop and of course is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV from 4.0 SP3 to 2009 R2 and works also with native server also, not just MS-SQL based installations!!

We created this solution in 2009 and now we have achieved the third major release, which is already used in Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, and is also available in english and german languages.

Please send me a message, if you would like to get more infos about available features and reference site addresses, but if you google the word “mbportal”, the first un-paid result will be our hungarian website, but don’t worry, we can provide all the necessary infos in english too.

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