Looking for the correct table to export/import GL--> Setup--> Periods --> Date intervals

Good morning,

I know we have the possibility to export and import various tables from one company to another company. I want to do this for the table Date Interval Code (tablename: LedgerPeriodCode), but I can’t find the correct procedure.

I’m also looking for the correct way for tablename: Inventposting.

Both tables are once explained to me, but I can’t find it anymore. Can somebody maybe help me?

This will be a great help for now and in future.

Thank you.

With Kind Regards,
Ilse van den Boom

Both LedgerPeriodCode and InventPosting are tables listed on the AOT, I just found them without problems. You should be able to locate them, underneath Data dictionary > Tables > (Your table name). Don’t go to Views node, though.

Okay, but do I have to make a export/import with these tables via ‘DIEF-module’ or can I handle it with ‘Definition groups’ in ‘System Administration’?