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Hi, We do have add-on’s, seven first of them registered under the MBS Add-on program.Take a look at list below !: - Finite Capaticity Scheduling (FCS)classic and advanced editions, our star product, developed for several languages all over the world. The aim of FCS is to schedule the manufacturing activities to make those items and distributing the workload among the resources able to do it. - Maintenance (MM), a module which provides utilities for the planning and management of activities and materials related to preventive and corrective maintenance. - Subcontracting module (SSCC): the control of the situation of the materials in the flow towards and from the subcontractors of productive operations, the documentation of the above mentioned flow and the improved management of the costs prices of alternative subcontractors. - Traceability (Trace): the aswer to two basic questions of the quality management in manufacturing and distribution.Trace forwards: In which items a lot number or purchase to a vendor has taken part? Trace backwards: which intermediate items or raw material have taken part into a certain finished item? - Explosion/Implosion: this application gives utilities of graphic requesting, very intuitive, in a complete folder view of the whole material list and item routing at all levels, from finished products to raw material or vice versa. - Quality regarding Product/Item, Vendor or Advanced Item. Control to the maximum the quality of your items and vendor with exhaustive essays, controls and tips (based on AQL). - Inventaria: Report and analysis of the inventory values with the utility of posting in accountancy the calculated inventories. You can always evaluate the situation of your warehouses. - Time Control of Floor Shop run time (CTEP): Minimal effort, maximum result. This module is designed in order that the workmen introduce his/her own information of activity and effects, with the minimal possible effort. It is done by means an extensive use of the code of bars. - Molds: Special case for plastic injection industries. Manage the molds and know its state in every moment at a simple sight. For more information, visit our web www.olivia-sistemas.com, or email me at olivia@olivia-sistemas.com. Best regards, Susana Palomar.