Looking for Project 2000 "add-on" module

Is there any NSC out there who has developped an interface between Microsoft Project 2000 and Navision Financials. (Ideally which should support bi-directional synchronisation of Tasks, Phases, Resources, etc, etc…) Could you e-mail me any documentation you may have on such a product or post here any related web links. Basically I’ve a requirement from one of our Customer and we would rather buy an exisiting solution than reinventing the wheel. tarek_demiati@ureach.com

Hi all, You can save data from MsProject in SQL Server, and then connect to SQL server from Navision. It’s more efficient, because Project database is based in variant fields. You can’t connect to Project to create a bidirectional communication.

In researching a Project Management solution for a prospect, I’ve come across several NSCs in Europe that have integrated MS-Project into Navision. Try these links: http://www.amball.de http://www.navi-com.co.uk and good luck. Edited by - Matt_B on 2001 Feb 28 14:11:55

Anyone has an English website for integration with MS Project ?

Please send an e-mail with your question to info@weha.nl. I’m not complete sure, but I think we have created a interface. Or we where planning to do this, either way send us an e-mail.

Please send an e-mail with your question to jsorba@deloitte.fr They have created a interface beetwen MS Propect 2000 and Navision Financials/ATTAIN Kind regards.

the e-mail jsorba@deloitte.fr is wrong. Are you sure ??

In addition the following company has listed as having an add-on Attain-Plus - Microsoft Project Integration. http://www.it-integrators.co.uk/en/ps-ap-msproject.html