Looking for new NSC

I am the IT Manager for a restaurant equipment distributor. We have purchased Navision Advanced Distribution 3 months ago. Our previous NSC did not work out. I am looking for an NSC with active AD customers and experience in distribution and warehouse management. We will be using the RF based warehouse management in AD. We hope to use Windows CE based handheld units for all warehouse functions. We will use 3 modules from Lanham and Assoc for kits, credit card processing and shipping. We will need to make many modifications. We will be starting on the 2.60 SQL version of AD. Does anyone know of an NSC that they would recommend for this project? Are there any independent Navision developers out there? Is anyone using Symbol RF devices with Navision? Thank You, David Rochford Zesco Products 317-269-9300 x188 david@zesco.com Edited by - SNielsen on 2001 Mar 21 20:05:26

Even though the relationship between NSC and customer is a kind of integration, it is not a part of this forum :frowning: Moved the topic… Best regards, Soren Nielsen, moderator Navision Online User Group

Why not use the Classified Ads here on this site for this? We have the category WANTED just for this. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group