Looking for Navison Financials 2.01B CD's

First of all i’m looking for a Navison Financials NL2.01B CD.

If possible i’m also looking for the NL, BE and W1 2.01B versions including Manufacturing.

Can anyone help me to find these CD’s?



I have the version ES 2.01.A.

If it´s help you…

I have a copy of Navision 2.01B

Full Server/Client and so forth …


You can upload it here in Downloads section then - but mention which localisation it is (W1 or some country), and put it under appropriate section - seems being in this case http://dynamicsuser.net/media/g/nav_official/default.aspx

Hello. I only have the client software and misplaced my server copy of Navision 2.01b. Any chance you can help me? My e-mail is jkubisky@paramounthotelgroup.com. My name is Jim.

Hi. my version is ES 2.01B, but i lost the cd, you have 2.01B install CD please ¿? My server is crashing every day and i need reinstall them. You can helpme ¿?

I have the licence and database backup