Looking for Navision 4.0 Add-ons: Rebates Processing, Import & Freight Bill AP Processing, LC

Looking for Navision 4.0 Add-ons:

Rebates Processing

Import & Freight AP Bill Processing

LC Processing

Promotion and Marketing Deduction Processing.

Microsoft maintains a list of all the Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on solutions. You can find the list at:


You can download the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-On Solutions Catalog.pdf file from the above page. The catalog lists over 550 solutions developed by more than 200 independent Microsoft Certified Solution Developers partners in 36 countries.



Thanks. I have this document. But not all add-ons are in that document.


In your opinion what add-on is missing?

Is the add-on microsoft certified?

That doc has 548 add-ons & it doesn’t have what you need?