Looking for hourly support in NC

One of our clients is in need of changes to their custom Navision Scripts developed by an external developer that is no longer able to support them. The need is immediate and would be ongoing for years since Navision is their financial system supporting multiple locations. The relationship would strickly be between you and my client and not through us… we are just trying to help them since they are really in a bind. I have not yet used this forum for Navision support and hope that this request does not violate any rules (i didn’t see that it would) as I am a participant in numerous other forums in my area’s of expertise. Thanks for your responses. Dave Kern

Hi Feel free to contact SimCrest, Inc. to discuss the needs further. We support and have relationships with several clients across the US. We provide all aspects of support for a client, including training classes, development, analysis and phone / remote support. There is a couple of things that make SinmCrest stand out: - More than 14 years of consecutive years of Navision knowledge, SimCrest has some of the most experienced consultants with roots from Denmark where Navision was originally developed. - Strong Navision knowledge, including integration projects. SimCrest resells add-ons to clients and other Navision resellers across the world. We also offer Web solutions, B2C and B2B and mobile solutions. - Quality support services, SimCrest has access to the US Support database, but also access to the Danish support database, which contains extensive supprt for earlier versions of Navision. Since our consultants have worked with Navision for many years they carry a deep knowledge of version differences and how to perform successfull upgrades and conversions. To see a list of SimCrest add-ons: http://www.simcrest.com/Simcrestproducts.asp For more information : http://www.simcrest.com/Contact.asp

Hi we are a MBS partner based in India and provide support to end users as well as MBS partenrs in more than 8 countries and use the tried and tested Offshore-Onsite business model. We help our customers in outsourcing navision implementation, development, maintenence and support related work. check us out at www.alletec.com

We provide Navision Support and have an office in Florida. Please contact us at info@vsofttech.com for more information. Raj

We are located on the other side of the mountains in East Tennessee. Email me if you want more information.

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