Looking for Freelance coder

We have a couple of simple things to be corrected and/or added in Navision 4.0…

  1. I need a dataport writen to import a new field data into the customer table…

  2. I need to fix the quote system so it does not block quotes from customers on credit hold and / or exceeding credit limit.

We are in Dallas TX…


Hi Jeff,

Please feel free to contact me. My email ID: bansal_dhanraj(AT)yahoo.com

Sounds like a simple request. I should be able to do that for you. I just wonder if you dont have a Solution Center to help you with modifications like that. Feel free to contact me.

We had one up until 1/1/2010 when we decided not to renew our maintenance with them.

Same here. Feel free to send me an email. Just go to my profile and click the Send Email link on the left hand side of the page. I’m sure I’d be able to handle any requests you need.

They wont do paid work for you without a maintenance agreement? Don’t they like money?

Interresting… makes me just more curious what happend… I updated my profile with email, feel free to contact me.

Hi Jeff,

You are come to right place.

Please have a look a my profile too.




It might be slightly late, but I would be happy to help. I sent you a message.