Looking for code

Any pointers on how to write this ? if table.field CONTAINS “" then CurrForm.field.UPDATEFORECOLOR(255); Also, is it possible to do ? if table.field CONTAINS "” then CurrForm.ALLfield.UPDATEFORECOLOR(255); Edited by - Dean Axon on 2001 May 31 11:23:56

You could use the function STRPOS(String,SubString). If the funktion retur zero (0) then you don’t have a match. Per.Bay@navigera.com Product Manager www.navigera.com

Thanks Per, any suggestions on the second piece where I would like to update fore color on ALL fields ?

Sorry, update of color on all fields is not possible. You can only change font and color from the OnFormat trigger on the actual control Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S www.columbusitpartner.com