Looking for AX2012 R2 Users in Liverpool, UK area

Our business is currently migrating to AX2012 R2 and are keen to speak to other AX2012 R2 users; preferably manufacturing businesses in the Liverpool or North West region of UK.

Given the actual number of R2 sites live in the UK - probably very few, and the locale requirement and that partners have to have a relationship with the customer to arrange such a visit it is unlikely you would get one so close. Talk to your partner would be my advice, but be prepared to travel and witness a site outside of your industry. There may also be functional differences - easier to get non-production live on R2 in the timescales for example. First step I would recommend is contact your partner, unless someone is kind enough on this forum to invite you of course!

Thank you for this, we are currently speaking to our partners with a view to finding other AX2012 R2 users. You commented that there may be very few R2 sites live in the UK; do you have a view on how many ‘very few’ is ? Travelling to any one in the UK is not a major issue.

Thanks again.


No I am afraid I have no idea, but ignoring upgrades, which in themselves are rare, R2 was released end of 2012 on RTM with CU1 coming in February 2014. With any MDIS product following within the 6 months windows in all likelihood you will have had “some” projects starting in Q1 2013. with the main uptake after that. That is 16 months ago, which for a full ERP roll out on 2012 is of course possible depending upon what analysis needs to be done and how the project is structured, but if someone said there were 30 companies live that is certainly possible, then how many would also be reference sites? It is a tough ask in addition because the partner does not drive the live date and the project, the customer does.