Looking for an efficient practice for fixing a sales order invoice when the price is incorrect

We are looking for ideas on how other Dynamics AX users handling credits when a customer invoice was created with the wrong price. We need to create a credit type invoice - clearing/settling the invoice is not sufficient. We don’t want to use a Free Text Invoice because it’s important to use the same item# so that rebate accruals can be adjusted, item level reports are adjusted, etc. A credit note for an item that is of product type item, will increase inventory - but we only want to correct the price , not the inventory level.

At the moment we are creating a credit memo for the item with the wrong price to a special ‘corrections’ site/warehouse, invoicing that (which adds inventory) . And then we follow that with a debit memo (regular sales order) with the correct price using the special ‘corrections’ site/warehouse - which then removes the inventory.

It works but it’s a 2 sets of transactions and can be quite time consuming.

I see there is a ‘free text invoice correction’… is there something similar for sales orders that does not impact inventory?