look up / validate, aftervalidate triggers

Oops, I have a form with a text box with this in the on look up trigger IF FORM.RUNMODAL(FORM::“MYFORM LIST”,MYTABLE) = ACTION::LookupOK THEN Myvar := MyTABLE.“OneFIELD.”; (Mytextbox source is Myvar) So the value comes in the text box correctly but… I am unable to execute the code wich is present in the on after validate trigger of Mytextbox. For sure there is a good reason but can someone help me on a friday :smiley: ? John

Don’t know about the validation triggers but OnInputChange seems to work.

Be carefull with the OnLookup trigger. The trigger on the table works very differently from the one on the form. On the form you should set Text (the parameter for the trigger) to the result of the lookup and EXIT the trigger with a Boolean TRUE; this will signal the system to use the result of the lookup (passed through Text) and to execute the validation code. If your user exits the lookup form with a different action than LookupOK then you sould EXIT the trigger with a Boolean FALSE; this signales the system to make no changes and to not execute any of the validation code.

tks for your answers, the answer was already on the forum, so my appologize to moderator’s [:I] The text parameter of the on lookup trigger should be assigned with the value of my variable. and then the EXIT(TRUE) makes exverything perfect. [:P]