Look up reason code with filter

I created new field “reason code” in new table,and set the field property “tablerelation” to “Reason Code”.Code WHERE (Code=FILTER(RS*)). but when I run the table form and press the field button “lookup”,all record of reason code show in loop up form,why is the filter inefficacy? hope receive any reply.

sorry for a mistake: loop shold be changed look.

I don’t know, but I would solve this somewhat different. Add a boolean (or option field if you have more then 2 options) to the table. Then you can set a filter on this boolean (or option) instead of the RS* filter.

Couldn’t agree more with Emiel. You should never hardcode a filter like that. Users can always a rename their reason codes, which would break your code.

I agree with jan,this is my meaning.I hope filter the “reason code” record according to “reason code type”.

sure, agree with Jan, not with me! [;)]

Emier, I appericate your help now and before,of course including future,thank you again.

I know, don’t worry… I was just a bad joke [;)]