Long time before windows printer selection window

We have a customer who is complaining that when they choose a printer, it takes a very long time before the standard windows PRINT window opens and the can choose a printer to print to… Someone any ideas on what this depends…

It could be may things as you know, most likely is a networ issue, but it could be a combination of the way Navision finds printers, ad then goes to the network to find the actual resource. Can you be a bit more specifi, i.e. what is “a long time” when is the daly (i.e. which screen are you in when waiting). Are the rpinters setup for specific USERS, or REPORTS int he Printer Setup, or are you having delays with default printers. Are you using AD, and if so are you also uign windows logins. Do you have Windeos logins AND Database Logins in the same database. Does your BDC hae a high speed connectionto the PDC, and do you have a VPN or other low speed tunnel that could have a BDC controller out there. There are just so many issues, a few more acts will make it easier to work out what could be your problems. PS if you have AD, and mixed logins, then does it take a long time to ust drill down on a user ID (say fromt eh GL Entries table). PPS, the questions above might even be the answer you want, i.e. these are the areas that could cause it to take time to open the printer.

Hi, we had once this situation when a printer was installed and the print driver was deleted from the print server. After deleting the printer, the problem was solved ! Best regards Nico

[Oops!] [B)] Yes Nico, I definitely forgot to mention that ALWAYS step one with any printer problem is to delete and reinstall the printers.

You could also assing the printer for the reports, then it won’t open the printer selection.