Logistics and navision warehouse

Hi all! I got this scenario: 1. customers order containers from the company, choosing a location for the picking 2. these sales order must create one or more transfer orders form the location A to a location B, using on location “in transit” (trucks or trains) 3. once picked and shipped, the containers come to the location B, where the same transfer order must register the put away and the receipt. It seems simple, [:(!] but i have some questions: 1. is it possibile in navision 4 sp1 to suggest transfer order lines from a sales order? 2. And if not, is it possible when i ship some items to choose the final location (B in my scenario) so i can suggest the put away filtering for that location? 2. can i add services fee on warehouse movements or must i add these ones on the original order lines? Thank you in advance for the answers!!!

Hi I am not sure I fully understand, but you cannot create a transfer order “directly” off the sales order to fulfill the sales order. With point 2 when you “ship” the items is this from the sales order or the transfer order. Transfer orders mean you retain the goods, but you seem to sell them, but if ou are selling them why do you want to create a putaway? I would say if you have shipped the transfer order you cannot alter where it is then going as it is already in transit, and I believe Navision will stop you altering the transfer to location if the goods are already shipped. You will need to add the services to the orignal documents, to charge these on, not the warehouse documents, but again it depends what you are trying to achieve, it maybe a handling charge not passed onto the customer.

Thank you for the answer, i don’t sell the goods, because this is a 3rd party logistics implementation. The company sells transfer services by container, so i need in some way to crate transfers orders for the containers between 2 locations (the one in the sales order and the final destination (whoa, i wrote “final destination”)). So i got in mind to create some reservation tricks that bind the sales order to the transfer order…

Hi So you are selling a service of transportation? Or are you also storing the goods? If it is just the transporation why bother with inventory and stock, just sell the service. I believe if you are a 3PL business there are some specific add-ons in this environment, so you might want to look at these first.