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hai all, In navision 3.7 any possibility to manage login users

You should use the search function of this forum. We have had an lot of question (and answers) about this already. However, if you are going to ask questions, you should be a little more specific. In this case: What do you want to “manage”? Which database are you using (native, sql)?

hai Walter, i am using navision application data base, i should like to manage who are loging to my navision application database server . Is there any provisions to disconect the specific login user .

I am afraid there is NO solution to “kick” an already logged in user while using the native database. There are some SQL solutions (if you are interested, use the search function of the forum).

However, in Codeunit one you can check if a user is already logged in (you might want to check table “session” table (2000000009)) and you can give an error message to prevernt her/him using the database. If you need any further help, please ask. But I think I pointed you to the correct direction so you can solve the problem on your own now.

Hi Anil,

I think you have posted the query on wrong place “Authorisation” on another thread for Jobs and all.

Basically authorisation is used for approval of the PO, in some of the organisation it may be required that for example upto 20K , A will approve and for Amount more than 50K person B will approve.

I hope it helps…

I think he is not speaking about “Authorisation” here. He clearly asked for:

You can terminate a session using the Native database in the same way as with SQL Server - by deleting the line in the Session table under File / Database Information / Sessions.

The client of the terminated session will receive a network-related error when next trying to access the server.

The feature was introduced in 3.70 as I remember.