Login Id & Password

Dear Friends,

I have a doubt that for a DB there is only one super user,he is the only administrator. If he forgots his Password, what we can do at this stage. If any one have any idea kindly help to find solution.



Then there is only one thing to do. Contact your partner, who then contact Microsoft who can do it…

This is not a issue in our team, today i read a PDF regarding user login & Pwd. In that i got a doubt.

As a partner I usually create (at least) my self as a super-user at customer’s location (after asking for permission to do that, of course!). That way we are at least two super-users.
I allways make my customers aware of the risc only to have one super-user and the possibility of a changed password by accident. Whitout knowing what the new password is [:’(] That has happend a few times.

Certainly, it is possible for another super-user to change any password and delete any user at any time. A super-user (not only in NAV) has to be a trustworthy person!

Dear User’s,

Is there any other option other than a second super user, my case is if there is only one super user, if the situation is like that, wt can be done.

In such a case, It is not possible (without Microsoft help), and it should be that way only, otherwise it will be a security issue.