Login failure RTC/3-tier setup

I can’t get the RTC woking at one of our clients in a 3-tier setup. I followed all the steps in the walkthrough (creating SPN’s, configuring the delegation for the relevant users) but it looks like the kerberos authentication is not working.

When i look in the eventlog on the server running the Nav Service is see successfull loging using kerberos. The eventlog on the SQL machine shows a login attempt using NTLM.

Has anyone suggestions where to look next?

Are you sure that your clients network supports Kerberos? I had the exact same problem with a client a month ago and I had to change NAV from using TCPS to TCP, because their network didn’t support it. This was with NAV 4.0 SP3. Maybe it’s the same?

Well, it took some time, but i got it working.

There was a second spn with an incorrect server name. I missed that one, when i listed all spn’s for the Navision Application Server…