Login failed when connecting to NAV with database login

I’ve a problem and need your help.

I’ve installed SQL2008 R2 and NAV2009 (both classic sql and RTC). Cronus database is working fine: it connects and opens even the RTC without problems. Now, we’ve done NAV 4.0 SP3 upgrade which already had database in SQL. When I tryed to open the database in classic NAV this is what happened:

  • with Database Authentication: “The login failed when connecting to SQL Server NAMEINSTANCE”
  • with Windows Authentication: everything was ok.

I’ve also tried to restore databse with SQL user, setup new users and roles, deleted and recreated old roles and nothing worked. I’ve synced logins everytime I made login modifications and reenetered NAV classic client.

I found one issue in end-user licence which could be root of my problems, and it is related to codeunit 5150 “Integration Management”. I compared my developer licence (has this codeunit), and end-user licence (doesn’t have this codeunit). I’m a little confused because this codeunit should be available in end-user licence because it is root NAV 2009 functionality, or it shouldn’t be available…?



Is it when accessing classic client or RTC?