Logging on NAV

We have limited license for users to log on to NAV. One of the user can’t log in when he usually logs out of nav ‘getting error about nav license users’. Thats fine but others users easily log in back to nav when they log out in case when the space is available. But as i mentioned one of the user who has having ever super role cant go back in easily like other users. Then i have to end sessions of some other users who are idle to let him in. But I dont have to do this kicking out of users for other users while other users are not super users.

Does this make sense? Is there any setting i need to do for this user? I want this user to have the log in priority over all other users? Is this possible?


Is there any setting on SQL server to setting logging priority if its any?

What version are you using, i heard this happnes in ver 4 only.