Loggin HTTP traffic in BC SaaS

Hi all,

Is there any way to log the http traffic into a BC cloud tenant?

The thing is that I have created an integration with an external service. I’m sending a job with the related tasks and planning lines to that service.

Each entity creates an entry into the external Service, I know that the call via HTTP post is correct, because I can see all the created entries into the service. For each entry, the service returns to BC (http response) the entry no., that I need to save into a new field in the related job/task/job planning line. But sometimes, I found that the field is not loaded, although I don’t get any error.

I must know what has happened, may be it can be a performance issue because of the quantity of HTTP calls, a timeout… I feel that I cannot control what his happening when HTTP calls come into play.

Any idea or hint on how to monitorize all those calls?

Thank you