Log user name posting documents

I would like to be able to log who posted an invoice. This way if there is an issue with the invoice at a lter time I can ask the user who posted it for more information.

Nav 6.0

There is no built in functionality for that. You’ll have to develop it yourself or have your partner do it.

i think, we can get information…from user id…for posted invoice and all posted records…

for that we need to define database login…from here we can get information…

in every posted records r having 1 coloum for userid…

Matt, that isn’t quite correct… There is UserID field, which is just for this purpose.


Look at Registers - there is UserID, so you have full info who (and when - Creation Date field, in my country localisation it’s modified to DateTime, standart is Date only) posted something.

Posted Invoice itself doesn’t have this UserID field, but use Navigate from it, and look GL Entries - these have UserID field.


Even Posted Invoice also has this field. Earlier I had a doubt that this ID is of the user who created the SO/SI, but I have cross checked and found that it is the ID of user who posted SO/SI.

I guess we’re both sort of right. Yes, there is a round about way to get to it. If you have access to see posted invoices AND look at the financials of the company then you can go this way. We work in an environment where only the finance department has access to the G/L.

So yes, there is a way to figure it out. But if you’re just looking at the posted invoice there is not a field for it.

My apologies guys. I just checked and the Posted Invoice DOES have this field. I must have been remembering requests from users wanting to know the actual date / time something was posted.

The field is called User ID and you should be able to add it to the form if it is not already there.

Yes, either they can add this field to forms or use zoom (Ctrl+F8).

This works great. thanks for all the help.