Locking in Native DB

Hi everyone, I have a client that is supposed to go live very soon. They are using a 3.10 native db with 3.60 executables. They have 90 users, 50 local and 40 coming in remote. The test db size is only 1.5 GB. They are using G/L, Sales, Purchases, Inventory and some very ligh Manufacturing … Yesterday they decided to do a stress test. They could not test much because they kept getting locked out by someone else so doing anything in the system was a nightmare … We decided to try it just with local users and still a lot of locking. At this point there is no deadlocking but there is a lot of locking for up to few minutes …[V] The setup is the following: a Navision server with 6 hardrives in RAID 10, 3 GB Ram, I think 1 Ghz Processor, Cache = 800 MB and Commit Cache = Yes. They do not have anything else running on that server. The first problem that we identified was their network. When you run the network performance test on the clients we would get results of 700 - 1100 and I heard that the minimum should be 1400 for 100 BaseT network. After he changed the network card in the server some of the machines went up to 2000 and some to 1100 - 1200. Last night they did some more work and now they say that all of them are over 1400 now. But they still get locked [xx(] A lot of the locking happens on Document Dimension table, No. Series, Journal Dimension … As of right now I am quite confused why this is happening. At one point we had only 5 people entering orders in and they were getting locked out by each other (for 10 - 15 seconds) so that is amazing. Granted some of those clients had a low network score but still 5 local users !!![:(!] So I would really appreciate any comments or ideas … For right now we are trying to get the 50 local users to work and then we’ll worry about the remote ones afterwards. A really puzzled fan of the native db [V] Cristi Nicola

Hi, I think the Dimention Functionality was the worst improvement they ever did. They should cancel it as soon as possible. Old times we could add additional dimention if we need it in 15 min without any problem.Programming was very easy and no lockiing problem. Cristy, If you do not need Shortcut dimention fields in Docoment Lines delete these fields and delete code from OnAfterGetRecord of Line Forms: ShowShortcutDimCode(ShortcutDimCode); I think it should help.

But they are using 4 dimensions … Cristi

I’m wondering if you can disable the code that checks for dimension conflicts. I know when I’m decoding that are a huge number a loops that are run around and around making sure your combinations are valid. Django

Hey guys, I really need your help. We went and put some more hardrives in it and move it to Raid 1 and we still get problems. Any ideas will be appreciated … Django, we took some of the dimensions code off but really disabling that should not be a solution because then you are getting in the standard system … Cristi


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Hi everyone, I have a client that is supposed to go live very soon. They are using a 3.10 native db Cristi Nicola

If you are just about to go live, this late on 3.10, it may be worth waiting for 3.70 to se if they have fixed up any of the performance issues related to dimensions. In any case 3.10 is getting old now [:-(]. Valentin is right, the dimmensions functionality is not something to play with, the logic of the code creates a vast number of situations that can cause locking. Please keep us informed as to the progress of the customer. It will be interesting reading for all I am sure.