locked ?

I have created a new chart and I insert data on her from several users at the same time and they are not locked, the chart has three fields 1.-document, 2.product and 3.-quantity. Are not they usually locked among them, hardly ever, but are there times that if that are locked, and nobody this making anything outside of the habitual thing, can somebody help me? why?, thanks.

What’s your Database Server(Navision Server/SQL Server)? Locking is implemented automatically by Navision(Using Version/Other techniques). You can specifically lock tables if required? In normal data-entry scenarios,there should be no problem.

Dear Mohammed, I have the sql version, and I am inserting items from a report, the table has a calculated field and I have proven that if I remove it it never locks, but if I put it the field calculated it sometimes locks. Don’t I understand it, because it locks if he/she has the calculated field, because sql 7.0 have to create auxiliary charts?, help.

Dear Oscar, Try with a temporary record. Temporary records are only in client with no lock. After you acumulated quantities, you can update entries in SQL server, only with 1 update in SQL. Best regards from Barcelona. Salut