Lock reservation in picking list registration


Im runing this problem in AX 2012.

When i do picking list registration, just when i entered batch number for item, the system is automatically reserve the item and lock reservation to all dimension on item so i cant edit the batch number that i entered before. batch number in tracking dimension is not primary stocking but warehouse in storage dimension is primary stocking.

when i open inventory → reservation, all dimension is checked in lock reservation

what i need is lock reservation is only for site and warehouse not for batch number, so i can edit the batch number on the picking list registration form before update is performed

any help would be very appreciated.

The answer is not to enter the batch number on sales order line entry. By doing this you are telling the system that this is the exact batch number that must be picked and therefore the reservation entry is logical because you specifically want that batch.

thanks for your reply,

i have tried to enter batch number on sales order line, and it works, no reservation made on picking list registration but the problem is, one sales order line may have multiple batch number so i cant define batch number on sales order line. i can split and enter another batch number but then the reservation is made as my problem before if the batch is not the same with those i entered in sales order line.

any solution to set off the reservation on picking list registration? maybe some various setting so no reservation be made when entering batch number on picking list registration?

thank you very much for your time

That is the reverse of what I said - confused :slight_smile:

If you put no batch on the sales line when you produce the picking list from the order select the reservation flag on the “Other” tab - then they reserves it for you TO register - if you do this at registration you have to pick it, but altering it is not an issue.

Thank you for your help, really.

I’ve tried to tick the reserve checkbox in the other tab in picking list, then i input the batch number in picking list registration and voila! no reservation is made. But then i split quantity in picking list registration because one item may consist of two or more batch number, and when i input second batch number, reservation is automatically made for the second batch number as my problem before so i cant edit second batch number. My requirement is entering many batch number for 1 item in picking list registration and make no reservation before i update picking list registration from Activated to Completed.

thank you :smiley:

So in summary you want the reservation not to be made when you enter the batch on the picking list registration? What is the time difference between registration and you wanting it to reserve with the confirmation?

Actually what i want is, the user are able to edit batch number when they enter it in picking list registration, but since the reservation is made, they cant edit the batch number, so it seems like “No mistakes” system. Since you, AX hero asking about the time difference, then may be 30 minutes is enough to make some correction if unfortunately the user entering wrong batch number. Now i assume that the solution is about to set this time difference right?

Thank you very much

Where are you AX fairy?

Sorry been working away and to be honest missed this response altogether!

Will need to set something up in AX2012 to push it through and validate nothing has changed in a base setup.

Hello Angeldark,

I am facing the same problem as you, except that I am using pallets, when I change the Pallet ID the system automatically reserve the quantities!

Did you find out why this occurs please ?

Apologies for the late reply I have been busy and yesterday I could not upload pictures.

I still cannot but I can change the batch number without issue.

I am in a simple order picking scenario (no WMS2) and creating the pick from the sales order with reservation switched off.


I dont know why, but i know how to cancel the reservation so you can edit the pallet number or batch number. Just go to inventory >> reservation and delete quantity on “Reservation” column, next you just need to enter the right pallet or batch number.

Has there been a resolution to this? I am experiencing the same thing.

The resolution is contained in the post depending upon what the question is! Ultimately at the point of registration you are telling AX you are using that batch, so it reserves it, or not depending upon the configuration. It does not reserve it before because the OP told it not to. Can you describe your situation in a new post and ensure you state the setup and processing issue?