Lock down Work Date??

We seem to have more trouble with this darn date. Is there anyway we can just keep it at today’s date and no one can change it??

Thanks in advance.


Can you exaplin some of the troubles? Are you more interested in Preventing someone from posting in the wrong month?

would you like to default the posting date to today? how about a memo saying "change this date & you’re fired! :slight_smile:

more info would be nice.

It’s more involving Sales Orders entered on wrong dates, Shipping parts on wrong dates, receiving parts on wrong dates… People are trying to balance reports to what they think was entered or shipped or received and nothing is balancing out because wrong dates are being used.

We’ve only been live for less than a month but posting to a previous month would be a strong possibility starting next month.

Would the posting date always be TODAY? Is the problem that they are forgetting to change the date?

There are places in the user setup & In G/L that have Allowed From & Allowed To fields for posting date.

There are a few ways to autoupdate the posting date.

Using Scheduler to update the allowed to & from fields daily witha report or
adding code to forms for example On the sales order form you could add

if “posting date” <> TODAY then “Posting Date” := Today;

Whenever you go into an order - the posting date field is automatically updated.
Another way is altering CU1 to autoupdate the Allowed To & From fields on login.

Does this sound like the type of change you need?

This is the way I normally do it. [Y]

I’m thinking more like David’s suggestion. Don’t change it period. I would rather not get into coding. Thanks for all the advice.

in the beginning

if “posting date” <> TODAY then “Posting Date” := Today;

save our lives. We were so worried about getting everything else right on orders, a new system, that once in a while you would forget to update the posting date. We batch post now so that’s not really a problem anymore. but having the date default to TODAY always was a big help. you could always change it if needed but more than not it would always be today.

I don’t see anyway of locking down this date without some code.

I’ve read of people actually having it default to “blank” so the user has to enter something & therefore stop accidental postings.