Lock "Display Form" shortcut

Hello! I’m not sure if this is the right form to ask this question but … Is there any way to lock “Display Entries” (Ctrl+F5) for a certain form and certain users? So far i only managed to lock this for all users and all forms… lp john

You can analyse MenuItem of MenuButton that calls these entries (for example in Customer form it will be Customer => Ledger Entries). And for this MenuItem in code you can write some code which will call needed form depending on USERID.

Try using the permission settings in the roles, you can define per user which tabla data he/she is allowed to see, if this does not include the entry table then this user won’t be able to open the form. From what I understand there is no coding necesary. By the way, coding using hardcoded userid values is not really recommendable, you would need to enhance the users or roles table for example. Saludos Nils

If you need to code this use a boolean field on user setup for choosing what users are allowed or not… anyways i agree with Nils that the best way to do it is by using standard permissions. Remove the permission to execute forms for form 0 on the profile of the user and then set the forms that user is allowed to run (permission execute). That way you’ll be able of restricting the ledger forms from users in an easy way. Regards,

Thanx for the tips, it helped alot. lp prosen