Locationwise Separation of Accounts ( Trail Balance)

Dear experts,

I am deploying NAV in multi-site environment. I have set up locations for inventory/warehouse and also set up responsibility centers to assign the users and filter their documents and transactions.

In addition there is a need of separation of Financials at GL level for each location. That means each location should do accounting as a branch and should produce its own trail balance. There can be transactions between locations which should be reflected in branch trail balance. I tried to manage this with the location dimension but pretty complex.

Is there any easy and simple solutions for such needs? I await your response and would highly appreciate your suggestion.

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You can do this by setting up Inventory Posting Setup by providing diffrent GL Accounts on Posting Type and Location Combination.

By Doing this, whenever you do a location transfer, it will reduce the amount from one GL and up into another GL.

Try this, it will work.


Hi Girish,

Thank you for the suggestion. I am afraid you didnt understand me clearly. My point is not only the location transfer, each location should function as separate entity as far as accounting is concerned. There can be accounting transactions between location. One location may raise debit note to the other location and vice versa. The location here is not simply the physical location or warehouse. It is a kind of a company’s branch (like admin location or a responsibility centre. )

Since this is my first time doing it, I just want be sure how such requirements are addressed by standard NAV where it’s one company , one COA but multiple locations (branches).

I appreciate your guidance.



Correct if i am wrong.

Do you require trial balance based on financial dimension (Store as dimension)??


Dear All

I am also facing the same problem. Could anybody help plz