Location with 0 Quantity and Negative value


We recieved purchase orders and charges on a new location and then we had to close it. no entries but purchase entries were made.

To reverse them, we created credit memos for the purchase orders and credit memos for the charges.

We are using average method for the cost

after running the adjust cost- item entries, the stock value became negative, with 0 quantity

In the application worksheet, the negative entries applied to the positive ones have different cost amount. if i remove the application and apply back, the cost is correct

How can i investigate the problem behind that and do the correction.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Charlotte,

Which version of NAV is this question about?

This used to be a “common” problem in earlier versions, but now only occurs very rarely. But make sure that you run the Adjust Cost batch job after doing the updates in the application worksheet. There might just be some cost sitting around somewhere, which the adjust cost would correct.

it’s navision 5 SP1.

so it’s true? i have to remove the applications and apply back. after that run the adjust cost of course.

is there a way i can do all the entries at once? like writing a batch to fix them or something. it’s frustrating to do it one by one.


Well I’ll suggest that you start by running the adjust cost job, and then see what’s left to look at.

There’s really no standard job which will do this for you. Sorry.