Location versus Items

Question: One of our clients would like to have link between their locations and Items. So, i.e. Item A and B can only be stored in Location 1, Item C in Location 2 and Item D and Item E in Location 3. This is important for this client, just to prevent wrong input of locations in SalesLines, Purchase Lines or Transfer Lines. Is there something like this in Navision already (Warehouse Mgt?) or anyone any ideas? Thanks, Roelof de Jong.

Location Items exist in version 3. Stockkeeping Units exist in 2.60 distribution. Assuming you are running a current version, you have Location Items. In base, they are not required for posting to an item location combo, but it wouldn’t be too hard of a change in the three tables you mentioned to make them mandatory.

We are having a similar requirement and added the default location to the item card. This location code will be validated in Codeunit 21, that checks each item journal line. We also added a line of code in the tables you mention to fill in this default location code. Basically we wanted to avoid the hassle of creating and maintain SKU for this rather simple requirement. But as Chris points out, it’s not standard Navision, but not too hard to add. Saludos Nils