Location on Planned Orders


The storage dimension Location is enabled in my company. ( Only defined a deafult Aisle to use Locations.No racks and Bins are activated.) Finally there are 3 dimensions on any Item card: Packsize, Warehouse and Location.

Combinations are created accordingly.

NOw, I have set up a multilevel BOM and have defined Locations on BOM lines as well.

Created Sales Orders and Forecasts mentioning Location and Warehouse.

Still, After executing the Master Schedule, I do not get Location values on my Planned Orders.

I have checked all set ups but could not find a reason for this.

Could any body help?



Hi DD,

Have you checked the dimension group for the items you expect to see after running Master Planning?

Make sure that the ‘coverage plan by dimension’ tick box is checked for either warehouse or location - by location though would be very restrictive.

Also, take a look at the default warehouse for your items - make sure that in the ‘master planning’ tab, the ‘manual’ tick box is not checked othewise MP will ignore completely these items

A few pointers, good luck


Hi Monty,

Thank you for the pointers.

The ones which you have given are all set right.

  1. Both on Warehouse and Locations, the coverage Plan is selected.

  2. Master Planning on Warehouse is not manual.

  3. Checked the Dimension group for the Items properly.

Since I am trying this for the first time,I wanted to know whether the Location is included at all or not as a standard functionality. From your reply it is very clear that it is included. I will now try to look at other possibilities if I can think of any.

Amazing thing is:

The net requirements which are calculated for the Finished Goods from Sales Orders do have the Location ID same as that of the Sales Order. But lower level semi finished Goods planned production lines and raw materials exploded at the lowest level do not give me the location required.

I have given a warehouse and location in the BOM lines.

Is there any set up on the Forecast Plan and model or on the master plan which I might be missing?



Me again DD,

I read your initial question again more slowly & this prompts me to ask another question; you say ‘only defined a default Aisle to use Locations.No racks and Bins are activated’.

In your dimension, you said that the ‘coverage plan by dimension’ column is ticked for the ‘location’ line but you are using only aisles as locations. An aisle is not a location for me - you have to set up an aisle to be able to create a location but it is only part of the location adress & not the location itself.

In other words your master planning parameters (in the dimension) will drill down as far as location but you are only using aisles and therefor stop at a level just above that of the location - what puzzles me is that you were nonetheless able to put locations into you BOM lines for the components.


Hi Monty,

I have defined a dafult Aisle only because it is necesary to be able to define Locations. 5 Locations have been defined under the same Aisle.

That is why I am able to select Locations on the BOM lines.

As I said earlier, I have a forecast plan as well.

I do get a Location on the Planned Production Order which is tracked back to a Sales Order directly. But do not get a Location on other planned Prod. Order lines for the same Item which trace back to a Forecast entry. On the Forecast entry also, I have defined a Location than too.

Also, On dependernt semi finished BOM item lines and Purchase Order lines, I am not getting a Location. I feel the Location defined on the BOM lines is not being considered at all.