Location Filter in Item Card not workng

Hi All,

Does “Location Filter” field in Item Card works properly in Business Central?

In NAV2009, it works properly and it doesn’t have any code in it.


Yes it works, are you experiencing any issues with it?

Yes, lookup is not working as well.

I manually entered the location in Location Filter and it still shows the total number of inventory. It should be filtered by location.

I’m testing it on BC14 OnPrem, demo database.

What can you see in ILE for this location and with empty value?

I’m using the standard bc demo database, Item 1000 - Bicycle, Inventory = 32

When I input i.e. “BLUE” in Location Filter, the Inventory still shows me “32” instead of “0” because I have no inventory in “BLUE” location.

Have you tried it from the item list? I believe it is standard there. I don’t recall seeing it on the card as standard.

I’m sorry to say that I was wrong. It’s been quite a while since I’ve worked with the Windows client. It was possible in the classic client, but never in the RTC client.