location consists of multiple production line

Dear All, I would like to ask you about grouping of production line to do a production of some items with different types and numbers but in the same production location for example blue, but raw material location is red. What I mean here is as follows,I called the group is line,: Line 1.Producing item metal box R212, S213 and W214 with Sales Order (SO) # 28,29,33 Machine # 10. cutting Machine # 20. Inspection Machine # 30. Welding Work Center # 15. Painting Line 2. Producing item metal box x12, s12,aq145 with Sales order (SO) # 30, 31, 32 Machine # 15. cutting Machine # 25. Inspection Machine # 35. Welding Work Center # 20. Painting My questions are: 1. How to set production order (firm planned or released) automatically from sales order and contains the line. 2. Does navision can give a check of availability or information about the line’s current situation and also order being in production 3. If I want to move some items with a specific quantity from line 1 and line 2, how to do that? 4. If Navision can’t handle those above situation, are there any other ways to solve ? Tks a lot beforehand Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark Your question is a little confusing. If I understand you correctly you want to make 3 sales orders on 1 production order but link the production order individually to each sales order. I believe this is not possible. The relationship has to be 1-1 to allow the order tracking to function. This does answer your point 2 as if you created the production order from the sales order planning you can use the order tracking to see the production order and drill into where it is. You cannot have one line making 3 items, so you cannot move items, there is only one item field per line. The other ways to solve are of course to modify the system, however you need to understand what you are trying to achieve against what Navision can do before you even begin. Apologies if I have not understood your question but it is not clear what you are trying to achieve.

Dear Steven, all, Tks a lot for your reply but what I mean here is I have 3 sales order and 3 production orders and one item per one production order. I divide my shopfloor to be 2 lines for example here, each line consists of 3 machines, one work center and 5 operators. So, I just wonder how to set my shopfloor production lines / group in production orders and lines to do my production orders/sales orders. This is true in the garment sewing line for example in which every sewing lines consists of cutting, sewing and finishing groups. Rgds, Mark

Hi Mark How are you getting on with teh add-on investigation? If you have banks of machines and these are split differently and created differently and they are not being processed on the standard bank of machines, i.e. the normal routing, you would need to manually alter the routing. Of course I would expect this functionality in your add-on package.

Dear Steven, Tks for your reply but I didn’t investigate yet because I am not in the garment company, I wish I know from this forum that it can’t be done what I want. I have visited a garment factory, that’s why I asked. Rgds, Mark

Dear Steven, I can’t enter in my laptop the developer forum (navision (aka/financial) developer forum)) right now, if I click there is still exist johnson alonso account., why does it happened ? rgds, Mark

Hi Mark If you are looking to enter the garment industry then fine, but each company may do things differently, in some areas you can use standard functionality in others you modify it, but in many instances companies in the same sector will work differently.

I will assume from your recent postings in the developer forum your access is now resolved.