Location Blocking

Isn’t Axapta 3.0 supposed to block a location for an inbound and an outbound if you have a blocking cause entered in the fields input outout blocked on the the others tab in a location? I have been working with this and set up the blocking causes and then I go to post some p/l journals and it actually posts. Was very surprised to see this happen, is it a bug? Can anyone answer? Would be grateful if some one could. Thanks and Regards Raj Sherikar

If you apply input blocking for a location Axapta will not create pallet transports into such location when you post Item arrival journal. Input or output blocking has no effect on transactions posted in Item transactions or Counting journals, purchase order registration etc.

Hi, According to the SP4 fixlist, this should be fixed now! The Blocking functionality on the Locations form did not work as intended. Now, by specifying an input or output blocking cause, putaway and/or picking are blocked accordingly. Johan