Localisation Details

Hi All, Its been more than 2 years since I have worked on the Indian Localisation. Needed some updates for Version 3.70. 1. Does the latest version of the Sales Tax module have a Job work/Works contract related features ? The last time I built it, it did not have this feature. 2. Are the different tax elements under different object ranges …meaning… Can a customer select only TDS and not the Excise and Sales Tax functionalities when configuring the license? Is it classified under separate granule for extracting the objects. Cheers,

hi Rohith, Yes there have been lot of additions in the india localizations, hope to get it for you. TDS has been handled but the way u say need to be checked. Hope to receive more feedbacks on this. regards vaibhav

TDS as such is not purchased seperately. uptil 3.6 (should be same for 3.7 too!)the GL gave access to the TDS and Excise functionality while Sales Tax could be purchased seperately. However Tax on employee income comes seperately with payroll. regards