Loan Email Setup not Found...

I created a loan document at the time of approving the loan document it shows the Error. SMTP Setup is fine & user setup also fine for the respected user but error is raising

plz help

Hi Sriramkrish,

A loan document?? No such document exists in standard NAV. So you need to get a bit more information if you need us to tell you how to use custom functionality. [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]

And ALWAYS remember to put version and localization.

we implement a module like Loan management for the employees, we create a new loan card for the employee after finishing the loan card it will goes for approval authorities like BM & HR @ time of Clicking action Button “BM Approval” the Loan Card page Shows the Error "Loan Email set up Not found ". Version IS NAV 2013 R2


It is not a standard module of Dynamics NAV you have to get support from the company that did the development of this Add-on (we dont have access to the Loan Management Module)