loading PriceDiscTable...

The very first time when an item is selected the pricedisctable is loaded (into cache i think) This takes a very long time. The progress bar runs up to 99% and stops then for about 30 seconds. Is there anything we can do to speed up this process? Indexing? We work with axapta v2.5 Mp3 Our pricedisctable contains approx. 50.000 records. Geuko Rooseboom DECOPROJEKT BV

Having the same problem, interested in the answer, too…

Szia Bence! Loading the complete table in the cache is only advisable if there are not more than let’s say 1000 to 3000 records in the table. Otherwise, you have 2 options: 1. Go to the table PriceDiscTable in AOT, enter Properties and change the property “CacheLookup” from “EntireTable” to “Found” or “FoundandEmpty”. 2. Go to Tools/Users/Options/Pre-Load and deactivate the preloading for the table. If you do that as user “admin”, it will count for all users.

Stunning! Cant believe i’ve ever looked over this property. Thanks Helmut

Awesome! thanx a lot

good find !!!