Loading Image in reports

Can I load an image into a picture in a report section? This code work, but in the picture (that I call pctImage) there is no image recInfSoc=Record DataType (table 79 IT ver) In the pctImage.SourceCode property I type recInfSoc.Image On predataItem Event… recInfSoc.GET; // Test for an image… There is no Image here…but there is on the table!!! IF recInfSoc.IMAGE.HASVALUE THEN Message(‘ok’); // ??? Thanks in advance

Hi, You must use : recInfSoc.calcfields(IMAGE); Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Thanks for your help! Marco.

In addition, be aware of the resolution parameter in a BMP picture file. If the “real world size” isn’t set, then the width/height is taken as if the picture is to displayed on screen (72 dpi). This usually gives ugly pictures when printed (in 300 or 600 dpi). For techies: edit the BMP file with a HEX editor. Offset 26h/27h and 2Ah/2Bh should get hex 23 2E for 300 dpi, or hex 46 5C for 600 dpi. For non technies: I’m working on an application in Navision to set the resolution parameters with a button click (batch processing possible, different resolutions selectable). Will be available for download soon. Keep an eye on this forum. John