Load a page on load NAV 2013 RTC


Is there any where in NAV I could load a page on load ??

We have a role where they do one job all day and would like to auto open a certain page on open.

NAV 2013 RTC



Can you be more clear please?

You want to open a particular page like sales order while opening NAV2013 RTC?

We have a custom page called find pick which is a text box to enter an inventory pick number, the people who despatch our goods only need access to this find pick page so when they open nav i want to load this page automatically.

Hopefully that is a little clearer



So you don’t want to see all other pages and departments?

Did you try anything till now?

I have edited the role right down and only left a button, i was just thinking it would be a nice finishing touch if easily achievable.