Listing which objects use another object

I’ve had this problem for ages, and not yet found an answer. For example, I want to list which objects (out of about 2000) access a particular table, in which I have changed a key. The only way I know is to export all objects in text form, and then use MS Word to find the occurrences of the character string I am looking for. This is incredibly long-winded - there must be a better way. Does anyone know one?

Hm, why not use the developer toolkit? Everything there

I’m afraid we don’t have a full developer license for Navision. Is there another way?

I’m afraid that’s a bit tricky (if possible) /Lars

So, how can you export the objects as a textfile if you do not have a proper developer license?

Walter, you don’t need a full developer license to export objects in text format. We have an application builder license and can do this quite well. All you need for this task is read access to the object in question. Of course, you will not be able to export objects which you have not licensed (as text - exporting as fob always works). And importing text files is limited to those objects which you have full write access to. So, with our app builder license, we can export e.g. posting tables as text, but we can not modify and re-import these files. For evaluation purposes like Andy’s, however, this is sufficient.

As I understand it, we have an application developer license (fixed ranges of objects can be used), not a solution developer license.

Yeah, Andy, I just beat you by 16 seconds [:D]

However, this discussion right now does not help Andy with his problem. I remember, with this nice Dos - based Navision, there was a function called “Documentation”. It was something like the text-export in the Windows - based versions. I can not remember whether you can import that format or not. And there was a small tool to import these “documentation” back into a Navision table in a text field with a lot of possibilities to search, filter and finding relationships. I think that tool was a 3rd party tool, but free for use. To manage this search in Navision is easier than with word, because you have the advantage to have (or better to install) a version control. So you can search / compare with older versions later. Harddisk space should not be any matter this time. So, import the Objects saved as text into a new table, add a version field for every line… and serch / compare… Regards Walter

Hi, Andy. You can just delete your object and then recompile your application (Ctrl+A, F11). Objects that uses your table, will be marked and so you have your list. Dont forget to make a copy before delete.