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hi, im wanting to know if the list price is recorded anywhere when a sales invoice picks up a sales price or sales discount instead of the list (e.g promo) we are wanting to record the true value of the discount, can you help?

This depends on how you record List price. Are you using a standard Navision filed for this, maybe the sales price table, or maybe a custom field.

we use the unit price field for list price (which we set through the sales price table) and also the unit price field for a temporary price reduction (also through the sales price table) so there could be more than 1 price set up for a particular item at 1 time. we want to be able to capture what the list price was at the ime of order when Nav has chosen the temporary price reduction price, Thank you!

Navision fills in price automatically, using very sophisticated algorithms to choose “the best price for customer”, if different prices (and discounts) exist at one time. This involves info about current customer, customer price (discount) group, campaign prices if such are set up, etc.etc.

BUT - if you want to choose yourself, use SO / Functions / Get Price & Get Line discount. Navision will show you prices/discounts effective for Cust/Item combination.

Thank you - we want to be able to capture what the list price ‘was’ on ‘posted’ invoices when nav has chosen the best price for the customer so we can record how much discount we are exactly giving

Well, PRICE and DISCOUNT are two different things…

If you have set up different prices (doesn’t matter - for customers(-groups), for qty bought etc) standart Navision doesn’t give you any method to track how much $$$ you have “lost” against some “standart” price.

If you set up ONE price and different discounts depending on customer(-groups), qty bought etc, then you only need to select “All discounts” in Sales setup / Discount postings and all the “lost” revenue will be posted to corresponding GL accounts, where you can easily track discounts applied…

thank you, i think i have found what i was looking for - i needed to ‘zoom’ ctrl F8 on a posted invoice here it shows what the list price was at the time of order and what unit price was charged, from here i think i can do a query to work out difference

ANY reporting on Posted Documents is a bad idea - use Item Ledger Entries instead in this case!