List of values based on previous selection

Hello everybody, I’m not a developer but I need for the following requisite and until now I couldn’t get this solved in AX 2012 R3 CU9.
I asked for a report that had a previous selection to be done by the user. First the user needs to select a value from table A (lets say ‘Animals’), depending on the animal selected, the second field should be restricted to the posible breeds the animal has. I don’t want the user to see chicken breeds if he selected cow in the first field.
Both tables ‘Animals’ and ‘Breeds’ are customizations within AX.
Is this posible? Can anybody give a guide on how I should ask this to developers to be done?
Many thanks

Yes, it is possible. The developer has to override the lookup method of the second field and apply a filter based on the first field’s value.

Thanks Martin, I’ll talk about this with them

Thanks again and best regards


Martin is it possible to do lookup in the fields from the dialog AX prompts for parameters from a Data Provider class for a SSRS Report? I think this question is more specific on the situation. Many thanks!

Yes, it’s completely possible and AX is full of examples. Tell the developer to search the internet for “UI builder” and ask here directly if necessary. I find this indirect questioning pointless.

Martin, thanks a lot for your answer. Please don’t misunderstand my question, this is not an indirect questioning of the developers, it is that I have the attitude of not accept an “it can’t be done” without making extensive research, because my thought is that almost everything can be done. I took from them the exact technical words to ask again to avoid any confusion.
Again I appreciate a lot your suggestions, in this moment my requirement is solved. Thanks a lot

Well, that’s how I understood your request for “a guide on how I should ask this to developers to be done” and the subsequent question about implementations details such as data provider classes.

If you want to prove that it’s possible, you don’t have to deal with classes and other developer-oriented concepts. You just need a single report dialog demonstrating the functionality. You can ask in this forum if you need help with finding such examples. But that wasn’t your question. :slight_smile: