List of reports on system

We have been asked by a potential client to provide a list of reports available within Navision. I don’t really fancy going through object designer manually and doing this. Is there a table I can write a quick report over that will list all these objects?

May be the table 243 Report List… it is the list of reports which are in the Report section of the Main Menu - but only for 3.70< (it is not there for NA 4.00)

Thats fine Thanks for the help

What about the Help File? It contains a list of all standard reports and complete descriptions of what they do sorted by functional area.

Hi Gary Why not copy and paste all the lines from the report section of Object Designer in one go?

Cause that’s how a user would do it! Hardly shows off any supreme technical knowledge does it? Thanks Steven, I was thinking too deeply about how to get the info off.

Being an end-customer myself, the very first thing I would say after being presented with a Report List would be: “Great! What do they do?..” [;)] Besides, any User can copy and paste…

Hi Nelson It is a question on an Invitation to Tender - What reports does the system contain as standard? so I would guess at this stage a list is sufficient (I am assuming a lot here as it is Gary’s question!). If I was asked this by an end user I would point them towards the help, and if necessary cut and paste the help files to them as I have done in the past, because as an end user you do actually want to know what they do!

To be honest, thats exactly why I posed the question on the end user forum! A determined user always manage to find ways to get the information they want out of a system.

OK, granted. As an answer to a client who is scouting the market, a simple list is sufficient and appropriate.

Copying list from object designer is not sufficient, because there are many reports, which are only “batches” - processing reports etc . - they have no output, and you must filter them out somehow… (and there are documents included - for example invoices etc.) :slight_smile: Problem is list of reports in NA 4.00… [:0)]